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About us

Part with Nature
Created with 
Rational construction

NAR - The name comes from  Nature + Art + Rationale 

          and also is a homophone with the word "นา"(Paddy field) in Thailand that reminiscent fields or rice paddies, which are naturally grounded the rustle of crops that track, wind Moving along and making the land a darker, more intense look fresh.


           As a source of ideas to work on trying to make any building that will happen by design. Though perhaps not in harmony with the environment at all. But it will also result in the surrounding area. 

          And people who are living, feel The fresh, lively, friendly nature.Take advantage from the sun, wind, much as possible and finally full Imaginable.​​

Our Team.

Narongded Rukklang
Principal Architect

Architect / Interior

Tel: 090 951 4166

tom 2.jpg
Prawit Chaimintr
Architect Partner

Architect / Interior

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